Service Book Sub-Committee

Service Book Sub-Committee

Designation Name
Convener Sri Sukdeb Pal
Member Sri Kisor Baulia
Sri Rahul Chowdhury
Sri Dr. Joydeb Bhattacharyya
Sri Safiul Islam Khan
Sri Ratan Kumar Mondal


  1. Preparing leave-account of all the permanents staff in every academic session
  2. Circulating the detailed account of leave for every year to them for settling any confusion, error regarding their own leaves.
  3. Authenticating the leave account off all the permanents staffs by the Principal every year
  4. Maintaining the leave register of all the department staff and keeping it up-to-date.
  5. Collecting the basic information required for preparing the service-book of all the permanents staffs
  6. Assembling the required information(such as date of joining, date of increment, various GB resolutions, DPI memo numbers etc.) in computer for the final preparation of the service book.


  1. It has the authority to publish the final leave account of all the permanent staffs
  2. It can recommend the principal on giving types of leaves to staff.
  1. It helps the college distributing various financial aids to the SC and ST students.
  2. It informs the college about new scheme for SC and ST students and facilities receiving of them by the students.
  3. It looks after the fulfilling of reservations for SC and ST in the admission.
  4. It organizes various programmes and activities related to the development of the communities
  5. It coordinates welfare schemes for the SC and ST students