Committees Rules & Regulations

Committees Rules & Regulations

Rules, Regulation, and/ or guidelines relating to the composition, power and functioning of the academic and administrative authorities and sub-committees (Selected list) W.E.F 1st April, 2022

Compositions: Compositions of the subcommittees are not same - it depends on the functions assigned to them. However, all the sub-committees have members from the teaching and the no-teaching communities headed by the conveners preferably from the first community. The Principal or Teacher-in-Charge presides over all the sub-committees. Name of the members of the sub-community. The Principal or Teacher-in –Charge presides over all the sub-committees. Name of the members of the sub-committees are shaped by the Governing Body of the college. In most of the cases, the GB does not alter the recommended names. However, it may include any one for any particular sub-committees depending on the competency of the member. Compositions of the existing sub-committees are given in the table.

Functions: Nineteen sub-committees have been assigned with nineteen types of functions ranging from academic, administrative to welfare with the advice of the Governing Body. The sub-committees can make plans programs independently as advisory bodies and recommend the Governing Body on their respective activities to be. After getting approval of their plans, programmes and activities they can make schedules and protocols for executing their duties by themselves or by involving other sub-committees and/ or authorities.

Powers: Except the Finance Sub-committee, all other subcommittees enjoy equivalent powers. The sub-committees can convene normal meeting by a notice of minimum three days and emergency meeting at anytime. They have limited financial freedom, which also depends on the prior approval of the Finance Sub-committee. Once the GB approves the programme plan and budget, a subcommittee can spend the fund by its own on the programme development and stationary items.

In most of the cases, the GB does not interfere with their activities other than monitoring of the same by the Principal or Teacher-in-Charge.