Career Development Programme


Career and Soft Skill Programme Completion Reports

Sl.No. Title Download Brocure YouTube Link
1 Spoken english Resonanz programme 2021-2022 Download
2 Completion report Skill enhancement programme 10.03.2022 Download
3 Completion Report of the Career cell porgramme on 02.01.2022 Download Link
4 Cracking the Government Jobs in West Bengal : A Comprehensive Guideline Download Link
5 Completion report Career workshop library 2nd August 2020 Download
6 Career Counselling RICE 13th February 2020 Download
7 Career opportunity 12th January 2020 Soft Skill Download
8 Career Programme 6th August 2019 Download
9 Soft skill 6th March 2019 Download
10 Career Counselling 27th November 2018 Download