Certificate Course

Certificate Course 2022-23

Sl.No. Title Download
1 Completion report certificate course on spoken english Download
2 Completion report Add on course on Disaster management Download

Certificate Course 2017-22

Sl.No. Title Download
1 Online Certificate Course on Sustainable Environmental Planning Download
2 Online Certificate Course on Statistical Methods in Biological Sciences Using R Download
3 Value Education Certificate course 24th Sep 2021 to 10 Oct 2021 Download
4 Report Online Library Certificate Course 16th-23rd June,2021 Download
5 Certificate course on C-Programming Download
6 CCR Scientific writing using LaTeX Download
7 Certificate course_on_ Rural development Download
8 Certificate Course_on_ Self Defence Download
9 Online Certificate Course- Final CCR ‘An Introduction to Population Dynamics’ (28th Sep-09th Oct 2020) Download
10 Certificate course_on_ Yoga. Download