Grievance Redressal Cell

Grievance Redressal Cell

Designation Name
Convener Sri Safiul Islam Khan
Member Sri Saradindu Pal
Smt. Swapan K. Biswas
Sri Chiranjit Mandi
Dr. Md. Latif Hossain
Sri Kalyan Majumdar
Sri Kishor Kirtania
Sri Mrinal Singha Babu
Smt. Priyanka Mondal


  1. The Cell deals with the grievances of the students, members of the teaching and non-teaching staff
  2. At the beginning of an academic session the cell inform the students about its activities. To receive grievances, it has installed a Complaints’ Box in which any one can drop complaints against persons, service and also on infrastructure of the college.
  3. After receiving a complaint, it proceeds to redress the grievances with varying approach depending upon the nature of the complaints:
  1. In the event of minor grievances against person(s) it discusses with the converned parties and offers plausible solutions. In the event of grave personal offences, it may forward to other authorities like Teachers Council or Non-Teachers’ Council or even to the GB. Misbehavior of any person is dealt with discussing with concerned persons in presence of the Disciplinary Action Committee.
  2. Complaints related to services are dealt in meetings with the concerned advisory bodies/sub-committees.
  3. Inadequacy of any infrastructure/facility (like non supplying of drinking water is discussed with the Development Sub-Committee
  4. Complaints related to teaching and learning are discussed with the Academic Council.


Power Cell can suggest any solution and recommend for any kind of disciplinary action including monetary penalty against offenders. It can also recommend for improving infrastructure and services.