Women Welfare Cell

  1. Kakali Bandhopadhyay
  2. Mita Paul
  3. Aninda Biswas
  4. Jayashree Roy Kundu
  5. Barnali Biswas
  6. Madhumita Chowdhury Biswas
  7. Swapna Chowdhury



The Cell has been formed recently. It has outlined to undertake following types of programmes

  • Awareness
  1. Awareness against dowry
  2. Awareness against female fetus abortion
  3. Awareness against low literacy rate of women
  • Prevention
  1. Sexual Harassments in work place
  • Empowerment
  1. Reservation of girl students for admission to different programmes in the college.
  2. Facilitates free studentship for admission for certain percentage of girl students.



            It can recommend for some special infrastructure for girl students and women staff of the college and supervise development of the infrastructure. It can purchase some items essential for girls and the women staff by using college fund. It can recommend names of the girl students for free studentship and admission to any programme.