Necessary Information under RTI Act 4 (I) (b)

  1. Organization, function & duty:
    Karimpur Pannadevi College, an Educational Institution Promotion of education and engaged in Teaching & Academic Administration.
  2. Powers & duties of officers & employees:
    Powers and duties as mentioned in the Statutes of the University of Kalyani and as defined in the Regulations of Regularly Bodies and the orders of the state Govt.
  3. Procedures followed in decision making process including channels of supervision accountability :
    Decisions made by the duly constituted Governing Body following rules of the government and the University Decision executed through office and committees.
    Accountability ensured by integration of various bodies of functionaries.
  4. Norms for the discharge of functions
    Following Time table of service, uploaded on the website
  5. Rules, regulations, instructions, manuals used for discharging functions
     KU Statutes and Regulations
     College Manual
     Govt. Order
     UGC Order
     Instructions of the DPI, WB & WBSCHE
  6. Categories of documents held by the Institutions
     Students Record
     Students Certificates & Marksheets
     Admission Data
     Staff service related documents
     Accounts related document
  7. Arrangement for consultation by public in relation to policy formulation and implementation